We are now accepting poems from current-day Reformed/Calvinistic poets!

As stated elsewhere, our mission is to showcase Calvinist poets from the past and present with a view to fostering an appreciation for our poetic heritage, and hopefully help some new poets along the way!


General Notes

  • Please note: We only consider poetry from poets which adhere to the Doctrines of Grace, as elucidated in the historic Reformed confessions. We seek to be ecumenical in a good sense, and we do recognize there is a great deal of diversity among those who subscribe to the Doctrines of Grace.
  • The subject matter DOES NOT have to be explicitly religious.  We are looking for poetry from Calvinists, not necessary poems that talk about Calvinism (although, we gladly accept those sort of poems too!)
  • We will consider any style of poetry.
  • By submitting, you are implying that you give us the right to archive your poem on our website indefinitely. All other rights remain with you.
  • We are open to poems which have been published elsewhere or or are simultaneously submitted, as long as you have full rights to them.

The Email

  • The subject line of your e-mail, should read like this (if you are submitting 3 poems): LAST NAME, FIRST NAME – 3 POEMS
  • Include a short cover letter (a couple paragraph) that tells us something about you. It should indicate where you live, what your church affiliation is, and where you stand in the spectrum of Reformed/Calvinistic Christianity.
  • Submissions can optionally include a short bio of up to 100 words in the third person. We will consider whether or not to include your bio on a case-by-case basis, ordinarily we do not.
  • Submissions must be e-mailed to  Please allow one month for us to reply to you.

The Poems (In The Body Of The E-mail)

  • Poems must be included in the BODY of the e-mail, not an attachment. If the formatting of your poem is complex, you can send an attachment as well, if it is in PDF, DOC, or RTF format.
  • Include 1-5 poems in your submission. There are no length restrictions on poems, but practically speaking, we are unlikely to publish poems that are longer than a couple pages.


    1. When you have made a submission (which can include 1-5 poems), we ask that you wait to hear from us. When we reply with either a rejection or acceptance, we will indicate how long you should wait before submitting again. Ordinarily it will be a month or two. Hopefully that clarifies things? We will revise our submission policy to be a little bit clearer shortly.

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