Jamie by S. Dryden Phelps (1860)

sdryden(this poem was written by Phelps’ while he was in Egypt and he found out that his young son died back home, and also realized that on the very day of his funeral, he unknowingly preached a sermon on “God shall wipe away all tears”)

On Egypt’s far famed River, wondrous Nile!
Where many a Pyramid sublime appears,
Crowned with the glory of three thousand years,
While Time still fails to waste each mountain pile,
We sail where Pharaoh’s place rose so fair,
And MOSES was concealed and found in fears,
The Sabbath comes; our boat’s a place of prayer;

My text: “And God shall wipe away all tears.”
We wept. That day my darling boy at home,
Too bright and beautiful for earth and sin,
From midst my weeping flock, GOD’S house within,
Was borne, in form so lovely, to the tomb.
I heard at length— Oh JAMIE! full of charms
How could I give thee up, save into JESUS’ arms!

by S. Dryden Phelps (1860)


On The Death of an Aged Christian by John Newton Brown (1818)

Long had she lingered "neath the load of life,
   Too oft a prey to doubts, temptations, fears;
Oft had she witnessed sin's distressing strife,
   Oft wet her couch with penitential tears.

But now her painful pilgrimage is o'er.
   And should we mourn at such a thought as this?
Since death to her threw wide the glorious door
   Of entrance into everlasting bliss.

When from the shackles of this world set free.
   Her joyful soul triumphantly could sing—
O vanquished Grave! where is thy victory?
   And where, O Death! where is thy dreaded sting?

by John Newton Brown, 1818