Aspiration by Lemuel Covell

One happy evening calm and bright
The world stood silent by,
My muse arose and took her flight
To reach the lofty sky.

My soul on airy pinions flew,
And joyful clapt her wings,
And soared aloft to take a view
Of sweet, celestial things.

Thro’ climes and worlds before unknown,
She reached the happy plains,
Where on a high, majestic throne,
My smiling Jesus reigns.

There the eternal Father sits;
And there the sacred Dove;
All meaner joy my soul forgets,
To take her fill of love.

There hymning seraphs chant their songs,
With ever new delight,
There I beheld angelic throngs,
In robes divinely bright.

There saints in countless numbers be,
Who once were here below,
Complaining pilgrims like to me,
Now freed from all their woe.

No more they mourn a languid frame,
Nor fears nor foes prevail;
Their love breaks out in quenchless flame;
Their joys can never fail.

Their harps can never be unstrung,
So near the Great Supreme;
I listened to the notes they sung,
And Jesus was their theme.

They at the fountain head of bliss,
Drink ever fresh supplies;
No joy to be compared with this,
That’s found beneath the skies.

Why must I grovel here below,
Where sin and sorrow meet,
And scarce a drop of comfort know,
While theirs is bliss complete.

Yet, happy souls, I would not ask
To take your seats above;
I am unequal to your task
Of service, praise and love.

Beneath your feet some humble place,
Will set my heart at rest;
Only the nearer Jesus’ face,
The more divinely blest.

My all dependent on his smiles,
And centered in his love;
Not earth nor hell with all their wiles
Shall e’er my soul remove.

I’ll wait my heavenly Father’s will,
And stay till He shall please,
My warmest wishes to fulfill,
And grant a sweet release.

Then I’ll recline my weary head,
And bid the world adieu;
And leave my flesh among the dead,
To love and sing with you.


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