Our Champion by Derek Melton

In the garden of bliss begin
Two diadems of God
Bear the image of perfection
No thorns or pain to trod

But walking ancient serpent comes
Usurping royal command
Deceives the weaker vessel
Dispels them from the land

Evil thoughts invade their minds
Deeds of shame to act
Murder befalls a brother
From rejected worship lack

From these days and onward
History doth repeat
Pain and misery multiply
And righteousness deplete

Would the generations come
Rise above the mire?
Despondent rebels exercise
Some righteousness desire?

Ascent of man never came
Holiness ne’er be
Evasive of the Law’s demands
And thus continually

Alas! – Season of perfection full
The seed of woman come
Obliges requirements of the law
The grip of death succumb

A purchase of redemption made
Salvation full and true
From tribes, tongues, and nations some
Redeemed and given you

Not one to finally perish
Nor drift away for long
Spirit sealed and protected
Forever they belong

Kept, beloved, and protected
Against that coming day
When elements of earth doth vanish
And Jerusalem descends to stay

Unspeakable day unfolding just
Brightness eclipsing the sun
Revealing the face of our beloved Christ
The Champion of Heaven’s sons.

by Derek Melton


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