Life by John Girardeau

girardeau“Life! ‘Tis a passing breath,
A vapor of today,
Appearing for a little while,
And vanishing away.

“Life! ‘Tis a courier swift
With tidings from the fray;
With ‘bending form and foaming steed
He posteth on his way.

“Life! ‘Tis the eagle’s flight
Across the trackless way;
His rapid pinion beats the air–
He hasteth to the prey.

“Life! ‘Tis the gallant ship,
With pennon floating free;
The favouring gale swells all her sails,
Look now! She’s far at sea.

“Life! ‘Tis a fleeting dream
That ends a troubled night;
But start not–Lo! the morning beam
Of everlasting light.

“Life! ‘Tis the setting sun
That sinks in storms away;
But see! the morrow is begun
Of heaven’s eternal day.”

by John Girardeau


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