Month: May 2014

Augustine’s Philosophy by B. B. Warfield

"THERE is a place for everything, 
In earth or sky or sea, b-b-warfield-portrait-6
Where it may find its proper use 
And of advantage be," 
Quoth Augustine, the saint. 

The mocker quick, with curling lip: — 
"Then there's a place for vice!" 
"Yea, fitly 'neath our trampling feet, 
May lie the cockatrice," 
Quoth Augustine, the saint. 

"Our very vices, great and foul, 
When in the earth they're trod, 
May haply lofty ladders build 
On which to climb to God," 
Quoth Augustine, the saint.

by B. B. Warfield

Life by John Girardeau

girardeau“Life! ‘Tis a passing breath,
A vapor of today,
Appearing for a little while,
And vanishing away.

“Life! ‘Tis a courier swift
With tidings from the fray;
With ‘bending form and foaming steed
He posteth on his way.

“Life! ‘Tis the eagle’s flight
Across the trackless way;
His rapid pinion beats the air–
He hasteth to the prey.

“Life! ‘Tis the gallant ship,
With pennon floating free;
The favouring gale swells all her sails,
Look now! She’s far at sea.

“Life! ‘Tis a fleeting dream
That ends a troubled night;
But start not–Lo! the morning beam
Of everlasting light.

“Life! ‘Tis the setting sun
That sinks in storms away;
But see! the morrow is begun
Of heaven’s eternal day.”

by John Girardeau