Excerpt from The Marrow of Gospel History by Hercules Collins (1696)

(from Chapter XX)

With Simeon old, let's be so bold,
	To take the Lord of Glory;
In Arms of Love, tho high above
	Heaven's Superior Story.
And praise him too, for 'tis his due,
	And tell him we can die
Peace and Rest, because the best
	Of Objects now we see.

Our Eyes have seen the blessed One,
	Hid from great Potentates.
The Gentiles Light, he is most bright,
	And Israel's Glory great.
Now triumph Saint, the Lord he went
	Unto Mount Calvary
Suffer'd the Cross, and more the Curse
	For Man's Felicity.

For surely by his Poverty
	The Poor are very rich,
And by his Shame they have great Fame,
	No earthly Monarch such.
We were set free, for bound was he
	Unto the Post and Cross;
Great Grief he had, we might be glad
	Our Crown cannot be lost.

by Hercules Collins, 1696


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