Excerpt from The Marrow of Gospel History by Hercules Collins (1696)

(from Chapter X)

This Infant God deserves thy Ode,
	Come join the Angels Quite;
And from the Altar of thy Heart,
	Ascend an hallowed Fire.
To him who left his Royal Court,
	And chose a darksome House:
This Majesty lays Glory by,
	For to espouse a Curse.

And tho this Man from David sprang,
	He's pure without, within:
And tho is made of Abraham's Seed,
	Hath no Orig'nal Sin.
Pow'r Infinite can separate
	Between the Virgin's Sin,
And Virgin's Seed, for there is need
	Christ be a holy Thing.

The Virgin blest, lays Christ to rest;
	Then round the Courtly Stable
Bright harness'd Angels guard the Lord,
	While in a Cribbee Cradle.

by Hercules Collins, 1696


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