Sovereign Triumph by Derek Melton

Darkness blinds our eyes within,
Sin’s curse their lenses veiled;
Shadows of night hunt sin-bound souls,
Whilst wicked fiends assail;

Contentment fills our sin cursed souls,
While groveling in this mire;
God’s glory purposed we to see,
Squelched by our bosom’s fire;

The depths of misery know we not,
Whilst bound by chains deceit;
Delight in Christ is foreign thought,
His glory yet to meet;

In the darkened distance now,
Faint but pointed cry;
A voice becomes stronger still,
Its truth I’ll not deny;

These words of life befall me now,
Their power doth seize my soul;
This prison’s chains I’ve always known,
I’ll never bear once more;

A new born creature elated hope,
In Christ I find new life;
Sovereign triumph ransomed soul,
Ending tumultuous strife;

Onward now Christian soldier,
The battle ahead is heated;
Your Captain leading battle ensuing,
Your adversary soon defeated;

When the battle is o’er soldier weary,
His Captain bids him home;
Eternal glory, crown wrought brow,
His work on earth is done.

by Derek Melton


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