Ariadne by Heidi Zartman

for A.H.

This pearl ‘full of home’,
Effulgent ocean blue and sea green foam
Against the blackness — little golden sphere
Lost in a well of space: this is the place
Of Mercy —

Rahab was a harlot.
Noah, in his evil days, found grace.
Adam was the father of a race
To whom the Son of David
By a tainted queen
Was promised, as a harbinger.

So while you blaze
Your wandering and twisted trail of chromosomes
Across a darkened maze, remember —
Thread of scarlet spinning through your fingers everywhere
In labyrinthine goodness of God’s trackless ways —
The shortest distance to the furthest point is always near.

This is the place of mercy:
You are here.

by Heidi Zartman


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