Month: January 2014

A Steadfast Heart by Elizabeth Prentiss

Keep my heart steadfast, dearest Lord,
	For earth's allurments shine,
And bid me turn mine eye away
	From looking into Thine.

O keep me steadfast! Earthly tones
	Fall sweetly on my ear,
And while I pause to list to them
	Thy voice I cannot hear.

O keep me steadfast! Human smiles
	Delude my childish heart;
While rapt in them how easily
	From Thee I can depart.

Yes keep me, keep me, for myself
	I cannot, cannot keep;
Keep me by day, keep me by night
	O Thou who dost not sleep

by Elizabeth Prentiss


Excerpt from The Marrow of Gospel History by Hercules Collins (1696)

(from Chapter XX)

With Simeon old, let's be so bold,
	To take the Lord of Glory;
In Arms of Love, tho high above
	Heaven's Superior Story.
And praise him too, for 'tis his due,
	And tell him we can die
Peace and Rest, because the best
	Of Objects now we see.

Our Eyes have seen the blessed One,
	Hid from great Potentates.
The Gentiles Light, he is most bright,
	And Israel's Glory great.
Now triumph Saint, the Lord he went
	Unto Mount Calvary
Suffer'd the Cross, and more the Curse
	For Man's Felicity.

For surely by his Poverty
	The Poor are very rich,
And by his Shame they have great Fame,
	No earthly Monarch such.
We were set free, for bound was he
	Unto the Post and Cross;
Great Grief he had, we might be glad
	Our Crown cannot be lost.

by Hercules Collins, 1696

Belshazzar by Anne Bradstreet

428_abradUnworthy Belshazzar next wears the crown,
Whose acts profane a sacred Pen sets down,
His lust and crueltyes in storyes find,
A royal State rul’d by a bruitish mind.
His life so base, and dissolute invites
The noble Persian to invade his rights.
Who with his own, and Uncles power anon,
Layes siedge to’s Regal Seat, proud Babylon,
The coward King, whose strength lay in his walls,
To banquetting and revelling now falls,
To shew his little dread, but greater store,
To chear his friends, and scorn his foes the more.
The holy vessels thither brought long since,
They carrows’d in, and sacrilegious prince
Did praise his Gods of mettal, wood, and stone,
Protectors of his Crown, and Babylon,
But he above, his doings did deride,
And with a hand soon dashed all this pride.
The King upon the wall casting his eye,
The fingers of a hand writing did spy,
Which horrid sight, he fears must needs portend
Destruction to his Crown, to’s Person end.
With quaking knees, and heart appall’d he cries,
For the Soothsayers, and Magicians wise;
This language strange to read, and to unfold;
With gifts of Scarlet robe, and Chain of gold,
And highest dignity, next to the King,
To him that could interpret, clear this thing:
But dumb the gazing Astrologers stand,
Amazed at the writing, and the hand.
None answers the affrighted Kings intent,
Who still expects some fearful sad event;
As dead, alive he sits, as one undone:
In comes the Queen, to chear her heartless Son.
Of Daniel tells, who in his grand-sires dayes
VVas held in more account then now he was.
Daniel in haste is brought before the King,
VVho doth not flatter, nor once cloak the thing;
Reminds him of his Grand-Sires height and fall,
And of his own notorious sins withall:
His Drunkenness, and his profaness high,
His pride and sottish gross Idolatry.
The guilty King with colour pale and dead
Then hears his Mene and his Tekel read.
And one thing did worthy a King (though late)
Perform’d his word to him that told his fate.
That night victorious Cyrus took the town,
VVho soon did terminate his life and crown;
VVith him did end the race of Baladan:
And now the Persian Monarchy began.

Accomplished And Applied by Mark Nenadov

      And applied.
John Murray wrote
this gem
      in 1955.
Ends at page 192.
On the Atonement.
it goes through
Accomplished by Christ.
Applied in progression.
To the life of the redeemed.
Thank you, Eerdmans

for this great book 
      of theology,
a must-read work
      of soteriology.

by Mark Nenadov (this poem previously appeared in Reformed Perspectives)

Excerpt from The Marrow of Gospel History by Hercules Collins (1696)

(from Chapter X)

This Infant God deserves thy Ode,
	Come join the Angels Quite;
And from the Altar of thy Heart,
	Ascend an hallowed Fire.
To him who left his Royal Court,
	And chose a darksome House:
This Majesty lays Glory by,
	For to espouse a Curse.

And tho this Man from David sprang,
	He's pure without, within:
And tho is made of Abraham's Seed,
	Hath no Orig'nal Sin.
Pow'r Infinite can separate
	Between the Virgin's Sin,
And Virgin's Seed, for there is need
	Christ be a holy Thing.

The Virgin blest, lays Christ to rest;
	Then round the Courtly Stable
Bright harness'd Angels guard the Lord,
	While in a Cribbee Cradle.

by Hercules Collins, 1696

The Wrestler of Kettering by Mark Nenadov

(In memory of Calvinistic Baptist theologian and pastor Andrew Fuller, who was a wrestler in his youth)

A cub grappled on the mat of his youth
became a pen-wrestler for the truth,
a lion in the pulpit, den, and desk
ready to roar for a faith he’d confess.

Cubs of Sozzini and Glas roared as well,
you may notice that,
but the truth they couldn’t quell;
the Lord sent Fuller to the mat.

by Mark Nenadov (this poem previously appeared in Reformed Perspectives)