The Blood of the Lamb by B. B. Warfield (1910)

b-b-warfield-portrait-6I DREAMED a dream on yesternight:—
A charnel house rose on my sight,
Vast, crowded, horrible. Untold
In numbers, in the gathered mould
Of untold numbers more, the dead
Lay heaped, each frame, each ghastly head
Oozing corruption. Suddenly
A great voice sounded, crying, See!
And lo ! a Lamb amid these dead,
With wounded feet and wounded head,
And wounded side, wherefrom the blood
Surged in a never-ceasing flood.
Again the voice cried, See! And lo!
The Lamb was moving on with slow
Calm steps, the serried ranks to thread;
And, passing, lo! there were no dead,
But in their place a gathering train
Hymning the Lamb which had been slain.

by B. B. Warfield (1910)

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