Ignoring Prophecy by Steve Rafalsky

In ancient times
bards sang the feats of kings
and of battles, heroics, and blood
sometimes freely given – for honor, for love
self-preservation flung to the winds
an encumbering cloak
changed for the bright linen of saints

and seers delved into the hidden
meaning of things written by prophets
who saw and heard outside of time
on the open field of omniscience
in the mind of the One who sends his sayers
with wisdom concerning the course of events
that praises might ring above the plaints.

But now, we know few bards and seers,
few singers as of old, few learned
in things that count, discerning
gems from glass, poets now unwilling to hear
wisdom that separates from the crowd,
approval from peers the honor sought, and acclaim,
few for their truth willing to be burned.

Can it be that among the ranks
of the world’s finest singers
prophecy’s lodes are not mined
but demeaned, and in their conceits
ignored?  So be it!  We give thanks
You have given the lowly to be bringers,
O wise King, of Your astonishing feats.

by Steve Rafalsky


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