Thou fallen sons of Adam by Derek Melton

Thou fallen sons of Adam,
Ye miserable man of sin;
Profligate child of Satan’s seed,
Condemned, accursed within.

A godless writhing creature,
With appetites profane;
Pursuing illicit fares so dark,
Whilst feeling no sense of shame.

How can such a creature dark,
Begin to love that which he hates?
How can a vile and godless man,
Love a God that he berates?

Can he delight in that he loathes,
Love a Christ in which he hates?
For he would rather burn in hell,
Than gaze into his face!

Would this wretch believe on Christ,
If left with human will?
Or would he kiss Satan on the lips,
And eternally seal the deal?

The sinners oath with his sin,
His covenant, his creed;
Holds his wicked heart in chains,
From these he cannot flee.

But sovereign grace hath power,
When sinners hath no want;
To turn affections efficaciously,
Gods glory so to flaunt!

Salvation is a gracious gift,
Not an achievement or a plan;
For it was willed in the heart of God,
Before it was believed by man!

If you’re repulsed by grace alone,
If you feel that you must earn,
You make the death of Christ for naught,
His work on the Cross to spurn.

by Derek Melton


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