Month: December 2013

In Eden’s sinless garden by Jeremy Walker

In Eden’s sinless garden
A man and woman stood,
Each crafted in God’s image,
And both entirely good.

The serpent entered Eden,
And entered both their hearts;
And neither did resist him,
Fell to his fiery darts.

So Adam’s abdication
Was punished by the Lord;
Eve’s insubordination
Jehovah much abhorred.

Then came the Second Adam
Into the wilderness.
Where Adam fell, he conquered,
Both to restore and bless.

He raises from the ruins
Of Eden’s shattered bliss,
And by his saving power
Does Satan’s blight dismiss.

True men, pursue with courage
Loving nobility;
True women, with true beauty,
Submissive dignity.

You sons of Adam, glory
That Jesus sets you free.
Eve’s daughters, bow before him,
Embrace your liberty.

by Jeremy Walker (reproduced from reformation21 with permission from author)


The Blood of the Lamb by B. B. Warfield (1910)

b-b-warfield-portrait-6I DREAMED a dream on yesternight:—
A charnel house rose on my sight,
Vast, crowded, horrible. Untold
In numbers, in the gathered mould
Of untold numbers more, the dead
Lay heaped, each frame, each ghastly head
Oozing corruption. Suddenly
A great voice sounded, crying, See!
And lo ! a Lamb amid these dead,
With wounded feet and wounded head,
And wounded side, wherefrom the blood
Surged in a never-ceasing flood.
Again the voice cried, See! And lo!
The Lamb was moving on with slow
Calm steps, the serried ranks to thread;
And, passing, lo! there were no dead,
But in their place a gathering train
Hymning the Lamb which had been slain.

by B. B. Warfield (1910)

Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End by Jeremy Walker

Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End;
My Saviour, my Shepherd, my Lord, and my Friend;
The Righteous, the Holy, to you we will bring
Our prayers and our praises, a sweet offering.

A Prophet revealing by Spirit and Word;
A King all-triumphant with almighty sword;
A Priest interceding before heaven’s throne,
Whose sacrifice does for his people atone.

The Word Everlasting, Creator of all;
The Root of King David, but laid in a stall;
The light of God’s heaven – no longer afar –
Comes into our darkness, a bright Morning Star.

The promised salvation, God’s Yes and Amen;
The Lion of Judah, the Lamb that was slain;
The one God incarnate, the Son of God’s love,
Who stooped down to conquer from heaven above.

The Truth and the Life and the new, living Way;
The Conqueror of hell, whom e’en devils obey;
All-glorious, victorious, the church’s crowned Head,
The Judge of the living, the Judge of the dead.

The great Lord of Glory, the First and the Last;
The light of the world, and our crucified Christ;
Himself both Redeemer and ransom-price paid,
All glory to him who atonement has made!

by Jeremy Walker (reproduced from reformation21 with permission from author)

While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Nahum Tate (ca. 1700)

nahumWhile shepherds watched their flocks by night,
All seated on the ground,
The angel of the Lord came down,
And glory shone around.

“Fear not!” said he, for mighty dread
Had seized their troubled mind;
“Glad tidings of great joy I bring
To you and all mankind.

“To you, in David’s town, this day
Is born of David’s line
A Savior, who is Christ the Lord,
And this shall be the sign:

“The heav’nly Babe you there shall find
To human view displayed,
All meanly wrapped in swathing bands,
And in a manger laid.”

Thus spake the seraph and forthwith
Appeared a shining throng
Of angels praising God on high,
Who thus addressed their song:

“All glory be to God on high,
And to the Earth be peace;
Good will henceforth from heav’n to men
Begin and never cease!”

by Nahum Tate

Unto Us A Son Is Given by Ray Chaplin

As in our Saviour’s wondrous birth At this time we joy know;
For mercy shown we can be glad, And thanks and praises show.

For Christ has come to rescue men From guilt, and sin and shame;
And pardon, hope and endless life Are found within this Name.

When He was born He laid aside His glory that He had
For all eternity enjoyed; And meekness He displayed.

And of a virgin He was born In great humility;
Yet wise men from the east Him praise, As they the Saviour see.

And as those shepherds knew such joy When they learnt Christ had come;
So we who trust Him soon may prove That Heaven will be our home.

For Christ came from above and showed He only is the way;
And life and truth He will impart To those who Him obey.

For He became our substitute When on the cross He died;
And He was punished for our sins When He was crucified.

God sent this wondrous precious gift, That we may thus receive
Abundant life through grace alone. May we on Him believe!

by Ray Chaplin

Another Garden by Heidi Zartman

It was not Eden where I fell in sorrow —
It was another garden far removed in time and place
From our first parents, when my heart began to borrow
Against their loss and mine, a little grace.

I saw the angels flaming in that garden
With swords drawn round a life I had not been:
The sight that should have softened me could only harden —
No tears or rages ever moved an angel’s mien:

I was too comfortless to mourn;
And all the fruit my planting should have borne
Was lost to me in chasmic ages since the first man’s sin.

I turned away from life till sight was hidden
Under my unshed tears — I seemed to see,
Grown where a white dust blanches
A watered ground, another tree
Unkept by angels.

By no swords unbidden
To taste the hanging firstfruits of the branches,
I came upon a King crowned with a curse, outcast as me.

There I, no humbler than my God and more averse,
Was taught “Thy will, not mine” to frame,
And turned to mercy when He spoke.

It was not Eden where I awoke,
but in a garden by Golgotha when I heard my name,
And knelt beside Him in Gethsemane.

A New Christmas Carol by Kilby Austin

(to the tune of Away In The Manager)
Away in a manger, where cows ate their hay,
the Lord God of heaven was laid down one day
by Mary, his mother, whose heart sang of love
while “Glory!” and “Peace!” sang the angels above.

Away on a mountain while crowds gathered round
the Lord God of heaven sat down on the ground
and taught them that love is fulfilling the law,
so it was for love that he’d come for us all.

Away on a hilltop, a place called “The Skull,”
the Lord God of heaven was hung on a pole
by all of his people and all of their sin
while Israel and Satan cried, “Crucify him!”

Away in a tomb that a rich man had loaned,
the Lord God of heaven was laid behind stone
by some of his sad friends who’d watched as he died
and wondered how God’s Son could be crucified.

Away rolled the tombstone and sin, death, and hell:
the Lord God of heaven has done all things well,
and now he has risen and us with him raised,
that we may forever sing songs in his praise.

by Kilby Austin