To Caroline (An Acrostic) by John Newton Brown (1820)

CALLED by your Savior in the bloom of youth,
Ameek disciple at the shrine of truth;
Reflect, O Caroline, with grateful sense,
On the rich mercy of Omnipotence,
Lavished upon your soul with lustre rare,
In that dark hour when sinking in despair!
Nor cease to own it is through Jesus’ love,
Enraptured now you seek the glorious life above.

What humble gratitude, what love sincere,
In all your future conduct must appear!
Let each day’s first inquiry with you be—
Command me, Lord ! what I may do for thee.—
On high behold a bright and palmy throng,
Xerxes’ vast host outnumbering, cheer you on.
O, keep their bright example full in view,
Nor ever be ashamed of Him who died for you.

by John Newton Brown


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