Excerpt from Zion In Distress by Benjamin Keach (1681)

keachDid filthy Lust and Whoredom ever rage
With more success then in the present Age?
Abominations of so vile a Name,
That their bare mention is indeed a shame.
What Sin more hateful in Jehovah’s Eye?
Then this of Whoredom and Adultery?
‘Tis rank’d as Chief, and marches in the Van
Of all the gross Debaucheries of Man;
In those black Muster-Rolls God does record
Of grand Offences in his holy Word.
What more affronts the Second Table? Or
Provokes the Lord? No fitter Metaphor
Could be produc’d t’ express Idolatry,
Then that abhored Name, Adultery.
Besides the Terrors of God’s firey Wrath,
Which judges such to everlasting Death;
On Earth, amongst all sober men, they gain
So vile a blot, so infamous a stain,
As all the Waters in the Sea can nev’r
Wipe off, nor can it be forgot for ever.
But O what dismal Consequences wait
For speedy entrance at the wreches gate!

by Benjamin Keach, 1681


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