2 Corinthians 5:4 by Kilby Austin

	And southward, in faint yellow,
as of old white clothes but brighter,
the bleached hope of someday-summer
does little to warm the bareness
and quiet.
	This snow-shrouded sleep
of unburied loss is restless––
no, still as winter––shivering––
frenetic, slanted gusts of dreams,
all cold, cold, cloudy, and exposed,
too far beneath the living sun,
saying breathless prayers for new life
and waking up and getting dressed
and breathing again and knowing.
	Far past the delirium
and the suffocation of now,
there must be deeper reverie.
Shall be.
        Prayer will be silenced, dead,
overwhelmed by the loud brightness,
the warmth of underneath-the-grave,
and everything can stop at last.
At first you startle at the thought.
Everything must go.
		   Bury it.
The short days must become shorter
until everyone wakes at once.
Not that spring should come to rescue,
nor that souls unclothe; but the sun
swallow it all and we get

by Kirby Austin, 2013


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