Behold the Days Are Coming by Ken Puls

“Behold the days are coming,”
Declares the Lord our God,
When I shall make with Israel
And Judah a new bond;
Not as the promise which I made
And which their fathers broke.”
The law in stone was shown to be
A harsh and threat’ning yoke.

“My law shall be in every heart
To teach them to obey;
And it shall be their great delight
To serve Me in that day.
I shall prepare a sacrifice
By shedding precious blood
To bring My people near to Me,
So shall I be their God.”

“No more shall men their neighbors teach
For all within this bond
By faith in Jesus Christ shall know
That I the Lord am God.
I shall forgive their lawless deeds,
Remember sins no more.”
For in that day grace will abound
Through Jesus Christ the Lord.

And now our Savior, Christ has come;
He died to set us free.
He paid our debt the Law demands
For sin and treachery.
He lived a life of holiness,
Fulfilled the Law’s commands;
So now the church within this bond
In His righteousness stands.

Behold the new Jerusalem,
The Israel of God,
Who were condemned to wrath and hell
Now purchased by His blood,
Who once were not a people,
But now have been brought near,
As the true seed of Abraham,
A bride beloved and dear!

by Ken Puls (September 7, 1990) – From the author’s web site.


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