My Joy Is In the Sovereign Lord by Ken Puls

My joy is in the Sov’reign Lord;
I know He rules o’er all.
I worship Him, Almighty King,
The Author of my call.

My heart must serve my Sov’reign Lord,
Though fame and friends be lost.
The riches of this world for truth
Is not so great a cost.

My stand is in the Sov’reign Lord,
I will not compromise.
Although this world will try its best
To cover truth with lies.

How precious is the Sov’reign Lord,
The Doctrines of His Grace,
For in salvation wrought above,
My Lord died in my place.

May I proclaim my Sov’reign Lord
‘Til ev’ry knee bows down,
And praises giv’n to God alone
Become the joyful sound!

by Ken Puls (May 28, 1986) – From the author’s web site.

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