Kenmure by Heidi Zartman

‘Those who can take that crabbed tree handsomely upon their back, and fasten it on cannily, shall find it such a burden as wings unto a bird, or sails to a ship.’ -Samuel Rutherford

I settle
Like a dove upon an ark —
A splintered nest,
Above the waters bearing down my restlessness
And bearing up my rest.

These beams I cling to
Are my folded wings —
The rising, falling of the wave worn sea
Are rhythmic of the human breast
On which I lean
My loss And my unease:

Until I carry,
In an emptiness
Of rough hewn bark,
His peace,

In bearing —
If birds make a burden of their wings —
His cross.

One comment

  1. Some months ago I came across 2 poems that this poet had posted on another site, and I ended up putting them in my file of favorites. I am so happy to finally find some more poems by her!

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