Violence in Munster by Mark Nenadov

Anabaptist warrior
Riding dark clouds in Europe
Pontificating with a matty beard
Crying out “Gottes macht ist myn cracht”
Strength, yes indeed. He looks at himself
and sees a messianic forerunner
Millennial zeal gone weird
Apocalypse about to rain down
and Strasbourg is New Jerusalem
Coroner detects infliction of a rain of terror
In Munster town
A corruption of power
Such a blot on Menno
Radical reformation gone sour.
And then when it all came to naught
to show that no one ought try that again
three cages with the bones of
the two Bernards and one John
hung from the steeple of St. Lambert’s
and only years later the bones were removed
but the cages remain to this time
as a reminder of mad, violent times.

by Mark Nenadov


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