Bartimeus Restored by James Grahame (1800s)

Blind, poor, and helpless Bartimeus sat,
Listening the foot of the wayfaring man,220px-Rev_James_Grahame
Still hoping that the next, and still the next,
Would put an alms into his trembling hand.
He thinks he hears the coming breeze faint rustle
Among the sycamores; it is the tread
Of thousand steps; it is the hum of tongues
Innumerable: But when the sightless man
Heard that the Nazarene was passing by,
He cried, and said, – ‘Jesus, thou Son of David,
Have mercy upon me!’ and, when rebuked,
He cried the more, ‘Have mercy upon me!’ –

Thy faith has made thee whole,
so Jesus spake,
And straight the blind Beheld The Face of God.

by James Graham


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